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1.      What is your name and the name of your organization?
My name is Yuma “Dr. Yew” Bellomee, and the name of my business and organization is Yew-360 Wholistic Health & Wellness.
2.      Tell us about your organization/business. What distinguishes you from your peers?
Yew-360 Wholistic Health & Wellness was started in 2007 by my wife (“Dr. Sade”) and I with the goal to address our people’s need to heal from the spiritual, mental, physical, socio-political, and environmental dis-ease that’s been systematically forced upon us.  We do so by advocating and implementing a wholistic structure, emphasizing taking responsibility and making the necessary positive lifestyle changes to support our own well being.  What I feel separates us from many of our peers is our passion and devotion to the impact and quality of our services and products over the amount of money we can make from them.  We are also taking the movement to the streets, which we find to be somewhat rare in our profession. 
3.      How did you get started in your industry?
I got started by having my spirit be receptive to the wisdom implanted in my mind from my parents & elders, and being fortunate enough to come across the right people at the right times in my life.  Seeing the difference that lifestyle adjustments have made and could make on the overall well being of myself and our people inspired me to want to see, know, and do more.  My wife and I shared the same vision with different, but similar experiences.  Eventually, I got my certification in Holistic Health Consulting, and then my wife and I decided to form our company with the goal of sustaining ourselves and uplifting our people in mind.
4.      How long have you been involved in your line of work?
I have been officially learning, applying, and sharing wholistic principles and natural remedies since 1999, but I started my first herbal formulas in 2005, then started my private practice as a Wholistic Consultant when we founded Yew-360 in 2007.
5.      Who are some of your influencers?
My family, my first mentors in the healing arts (Dr. Rahsan Abdul-Hakim & Dr. Rev. Mother Khoshhali), my strong cultural family mentors under whom I grew up, Dr. Llaila Afrika, Dr. Kokayi Patterson, Dr. Sebi, Dr. Jewel Pookram, Queen Afua, Dr. Ben, Dr. Clarke, Dr. Whitaker, Dr. Gerald Douglass, and a host of others who were and continue to be active in our communities and forums helping to bring about positive change in society.
6.      What would you say have been your biggest break-through in your mission?
Being able to influence our people to be and do better for themselves.  This is a continuous fight because of all the societal setbacks along with the spiritual and mental blockages we can sometimes repetitively impose upon ourselves without even being aware of it.  To know that we can meliorate our life conditions through standing with and implementing the principles in which we believe and actually seeing that come into fruition is always a blessing.
7.      How are you committed to advancing the African Race?
We are starting and taking part in several workshops, programs, and other initiatives at home and abroad to bring healing and awareness to those of us who need it the most.  We also work to bridge the gaps that have been dividing us of African descent predating the enslavement experience and support efforts to unify our people across the diaspora.  In business, we work with low-income families and individuals without government assistance to assist them in overcoming illnesses and in living healthier lifestyles.  
8.      What is your vision for Africa and its people?
I personally would love to see us going back to a more harmonious state of coexistence with each other, being more in tune with our spirits and our environment, and exercising responsible freedom.
9.      What are some of your current initiatives or projects we should look out for?
Some of our upcoming initiatives for this year include programs, workshops, and presentations about healthier lifestyle transition, protecting our children, survival training, men’s & women’s health topics, reversing cigarette addictions, wholistic stress relief, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, countering occupational hazards, natural hair transition, traditional herbal medicine, and more.  
10.  How can our readers and viewers contact you?
Phone:  (202) 413-4581

Facebook:  Yuma DrYew Bellomee, Yew-360 Wholistic Health & Wellness LLC, or Yew Three-Sixty


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